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    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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    Health Box Conference


    Closing EU-Conference: Project Health Box: Achieving a healthier Europe through health education

    Longer working hours and increasing retirement ages are placing more and more demands on today's workforce.  This is why the topic of health is becoming increasingly important. That health promotion has to be integrated into existing training measures was the consensus of the final conference for the Europe-wide project Health Box, coordinated by die Berater®. The conference took place at the TOP-Lokal, a socio-economic enterprise funded by the Austrian Labour Market Service (AMS) und the European Social Fund (ESF).

    You can download the conference presenations here:

    Healthy lifestyle – healthy Europe
    Socio-economically disadvantaged adults, with a low level of education and/or a migration background , are most at risk of acquiring physical or mental lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, alcoholism, etc. By eliminating risk factors such as unhealthy nutrition, physical inactivity, smoking or stress these illnesses can be prevented. The Project Health Box therefore designed a Health Box that consists of ready-to-use training materials that make people aware of the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle.

    At the closing conference, experiences with and results of the Health Box were presented and discussed with experts and practitioners in adult education and the health system. They were discussed in the wider perspective of the relationship between educational background, social status and health, and in the light of Best Practice examples from other European countries.

    Workshop on unhealthy nutrition
    At the conference all participants were able to try the training material “slim down our recipes” in the workshop on unhealthy nutrition. Sometimes simple changes can make major differences also in a recipe’s calorie, fat and sodium content. Therefore the recipe remains and its nutritional value increases. At the conference a recipe for muffins was presented and the participants were asked to decide whether the recipe was unhealthy or healthy. After that, the participants thought about ways to transform it into a healthy recipe by taking out the sugar and substituting it with grated apples.  A lot of good ideas arose from this workshop and can be put into practice.

    Who can use the Health Box?
    The Health Box training materials can be used within educational institutions such as schools or university but also companies and organizations The Health Box is constituted in a way so that its content can be implemented in any class – also in trainings not related to health.  As the training conditions can vary the trainer adapts the Health Box training materials to the given needs and circumstances. The exercises are flexible in regard to structure and time. Therefore, the Health Box can easily be implemented into informal and non-formal trainings.

    The Health Box is now ready for use.  You can downloaded the materials or order a hardcopy here.

    The project Health Box is funded by the European Commission for Lifelong Learning. The Health Box materials were tested in all 7 partner countries (Denmark, Italy, Romania, Great Britain, Finland, Germany and Austria).


    Health Box Project Meeting - 26th - 27th May 2010 in Göttingen, Germany


    Since the transnational meeting in Italy (November/December 2010) the entire Health Box is getting tested in Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Romania and United Kingdom. First results will be compiled in April 2011.

    The third Health Box meeting, which took place from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December 2010 in Udine, Italy, included also the transnational trainers’ seminar, in which always two trainers from Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Romania and United Kingdom participated. The participants were introduced to the idea and content of the Health Box. The feedback to the seminar was very positive.

    The second Health Box project meeting took place in Göttingen, Germany, from the 26th to the 27th of May 2010. There results from the national needs analysis as well as different learning settings were presented. Furthermore the project team worked on the core themes of the Health Box: smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, substance misuse and stress. 


    Kick off meeting, 18th -19th January 2010, Vienna, Austria

    At the start of the project all partners met in Vienna in order to discuss and agree on a common course of action and to plan the next steps within the project.